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Brian R. Murphy
Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Virginia Tech
A Struggle for Power in China: The Three Gorges Dam 

The Three Gorges Dam in China is one of the world's largest hydroelectric dams, providing energy for millions of people. However, the dam's construction forever altered the Yangtze River ecosystem and the lives of local residents. In this case study, students explore the complex and inter-related issues associated with large ecosystem-altering projects like dams and develop a persuasive argument for or against their construction. Do the benefits from a dam outweigh the ecological, economic, and social costs? Answering this question is difficult, since the benefits and costs are not directly comparable. How do you compare the loss of endemic species to the increased safety from flooding? How do you weigh a relocated family's social and economic costs in comparison to the benefits of a sustainable and renewable energy source? Although this case was developed for an undergraduate course in fisheries management, it would also be directly applicable to courses in ecology, environmental engineering, or global issues.

Making It Fit: Using Excel to Analyze Biological Systems 

In this case, students read about a biologist who needs to determine how to analyze age-at-length data, a common situation in fisheries biology. The fictional Dr. Latimer is tasked with fitting non-linear models to the data, and the case develops as he draws parallels between linear and non-linear models. After learning the terminology and concepts through a series of exercises, students use Excel's built-in Solver algorithm to fit models to the data. Intended for use in a fisheries biology, ecology, or management class, the case is targeted to junior and senior level undergraduate students who have some experience using spreadsheets on microcomputers and some knowledge of ichthyology.