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Marcelo J. Nieto
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
East Meets West: An Infectious Disease Case

Ying is sick and is progressively getting worse. His parents' clashing views on Eastern and Western medicine prevent them from agreeing on a course of treatment. As the case unfolds, students follow the progression of their son's illness. After a physician is finally seen and the results of tests are evident, students should be able to narrow the list of possible etiological agents and suggest a potential treatment. In addition, the students should integrate the different health beliefs into the final treatment as well as the aspects of patient counseling. The case works well as an interrupted case that can be assigned to individual students or student teams. This case is appropriate for graduate courses with a component in health care, therapeutics, medicinal chemistry, medicinal plants, microbiology, epidemiology, or cultural competency. Instructors can choose to focus only on the medical components of the case or incorporate the cultural and ethical aspects, depending on course goals and subject area.