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Christopher A. Badurek
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography and Planning
Appalachian State University
Snowboarding in New York State: A GIS Case Study

This case study provides a realistic scenario to introduce and reinforce concepts presented in introductory level geography courses, particularly in cartography and in human, physical, or environmental geography. In the case, students read about a land developer who is interested in purchasing an existing New York State ski area and converting it into a resort that caters to snowboarders. Students play the role of consultants hired to analyze eight resorts and determine the most suitable site for investment based on a variety of spatial variables, such as population, income, education, transportation networks, and annual snowfall. The students’ task is to outline the criteria to use in determining the optimal site, analyze the available datasets, and present a proposal based on their findings. The case makes use of ArcView 3.3 software.