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David S. Kiefer
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Family Medicine
University of Wisconsin-Rock County
Ethnomedicine in Latino Communities of Madison 

This PowerPoint-delivered case study guides the reader, a hypothetical student intern with the City of Madison (Wisconsin) Public Health Department, as he/she assists a physician who was awarded a grant to investigate the use of herbal medicines by Latinos. The focus is on Ecuadorian immigrants but more generalized herbal medicine knowledge is involved as the reader and physician explore the many aspects of traditional medicine and the intersections of those beliefs with allopathic medicine. The reader is involved with synthesizing information from scientific articles, background reading, and interviews into a concrete, practical plan for the area's clinics and retail outlets, relevant also to future research efforts. This teaching case was developed for undergraduate ethnobotany, pharmacy, and global health students, but it has also been used in medical and nursing student classes as well as with graduate students from a variety of departments.