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Adam J. Kleinshmit
Associate Professor of Biology
Department of Biology and Earth Sciences
University of Dubuque
A Botched Botox Party in the Hamptons 

This flipped case study explores how the topics of membrane structure, transport, and signaling via membrane-bound receptors are intimately associated with the paralysis of muscle targeted by botulinum neurotoxin. The case scenario revolves around a fictitious socialite that has requested the assistance of her personal concierge physician with a condition that has developed after having participated in a Hamptons Botox party. The physician and a shadowing pre-med undergraduate chat about the molecular mechanisms behind Botox induced muscle paralysis. The case is designed as an engaging capstone exercise for students to gain appreciation for how knowledge of basic cellular and molecular biology mechanisms are essential for pharmaceutical development and medical patient diagnosis and prognosis. Written for an undergraduate general biology course, the case is also suitable for use in courses such as cellular biology, neurobiology, or human physiology.

One Tablet a Day May Keep Cancer Away 

This dilemma/decision case study is intended to demonstrate how knowledge of signal transduction pathways can be applied to the pharmaceutical industry and within a medical setting. The case scenario revolves around a physician scientist's analysis of a chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) patient's resistance to the cancer drug Gleevec® (imatinib). Students explore the molecular targets of drugs that inhibit cell signaling, while considering the best course of treatment for the medical patient. Written for an undergraduate sophomore level cell biology course, the case is also suitable for general biology, genetics, molecular biology, pharmacology, and cancer biology.