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Linda C. Fuselier
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
University of Louisville
And Baby Makes Four: Gestational Surrogacy in India and the Female Reproductive System

This case study is based on stories reported in the media and is used to examine biological and ethical dimensions of assisted reproductive technologies, specifically egg donation and gestational surrogacy.  The case follows an Indian woman as she is recruited from a garment factory in Bangalore to donate eggs and ultimately serves as a gestational surrogate.  The case was designed to follow lecture information on human male and female reproductive systems.  It emphasizes the process of egg donation and bioethics of international gestational surrogacy.  During the case, students describe how female hormonal cycles are manipulated for egg collection and investigate the risks associated with egg collection and gestational surrogacy.  Students are challenged to develop opinions about the ethics of fertility markets and form opinions about international surrogacy. The case was originally written for a general education introductory biology course.