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Thomas A. Cappaert
Associate Professor
Department of Physical Education and Sport
Central Michigan University
Brain vs. Spinal Cord: A Directed Case Study in CNS Injury

In this case study, students read about the injuries sustained by a young man hurt in a serious diving accident. To solve the case, they must determine the type of central nervous system injury described using their knowledge of the differences between symptoms and signs of brain and spinal cord injury. The case was developed for upper-level neuroscience courses and rehabilitation courses that cover the neuroanatomy of the central nervous system and the symptoms of different types of central nervous system injury.

Left Out in the Cold: A Case Study in Thermoregulation

While backpacking in the Canadian Rockies, Joel loses his way and finds that his experience hiking and camping in his home state of Florida hasn't prepared him for springtime weather conditions in the mountains. This case study allows students to review and integrate physiological responses to cold exposure. It was designed for use in upper-level physiology, exercise physiology, and other courses in which integration of physiological systems and clinical outcomes are a primary focus.