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Sandra J. Connelly
Assistant Professor
Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences
Rochester Institute of Technology
Plant Transpiration: A Story of Clean Air

This flipped case study is formatted as a PowerPoint presentation that uses group experimentation to encourage active learning in a large science classroom. There are options for using either wet bench experimentation or an online simulation, depending on the class goals. Students learn about plant transpiration and how it affects normal plant processes (photosynthesis). The basics of transpiration are covered in an animated video viewed outside of class. The experiment and/or simulation of transpiration can be conducted in or out of class. If the class is very large, the instructor may choose to assign the experiment/simulation for outside of class (post-video) and have the students bring their data to class, or the instructor may choose to just present the students with a data set from which they can work with their groups in class. At the end, students should be able to define transpiration, explain climate effects on transpiration rates, and how transpiration rates affect the overall physiology of the plant itself, through their own hypothesis design and experimentation.