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Brian J. Dingmann
Associate Professor
Math, Science and Technology Department
University of Minnesota Crookston
Why Homeostasis Is Important to Everyday Activities 

In this case study, a college student named "Blake" winds up in the emergency room after he experiences a panic attack brought on by drinking a mixture of beverages containing caffeine and alcohol. His panic attack results in a severe episode of hyperventilation. The alcohol he has consumed has the added effect of making the situation worse by impairing Blake's perception and judgement. Through this case study, students learn about acid/base chemistry as they explore hyperventilation, the Bohr effect, the Haldane effect, and how alcohol and stimulants such as caffeine can affect the acid-base balance in the body. This case was originally designed for a flipped classroom, and the associated videos, including one developed by the author, contain foundational information to lead students through basic chemistry and help them connect daily activities to homeostasis and the Bohr effect. Originally written for a general biology course in which general chemistry concepts are discussed, the case could easily be modified for use in an anatomy and physiology course.