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Ying Guo
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
School of Science and Technology
Georgia Gwinnett College
How to Remove Makeup: A Lesson in “Like Dissolves Like”

This case study explores how intermolecular forces affect the solubility of substances. The story line presents a scenario in which specialists in a marketing department are investigating three types of makeup removers. They want to generate a short presentation for a general public audience explaining how these makeup removers work. Students provide support for the marketing specialists with their knowledge of chemistry. It is suggested that students have prior knowledge of symbols of elements and chemical formula, ionic bonds and covalent bonds, Lewis dot structure, electronegativity, polarity of covalent bonds, molecular geometry, dipole moments, polarity of molecules, intermolecular forces, and miscibility. The case was originally written for the second semester of a college-level general chemistry class. The case would also be suitable for the first semester of a college-level general biology class or chemistry survey class on similar topics.