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Thomas E. Ford
Psychology Department
Western Carolina University
Exploring Unintentional Racism: The Case of Tim Hanks

This case study is designed to help students explore their attitudes about race and examine the complexity of racism. It also has been used to teach about the social psychology of unintentional racism, attribution theory, and institutionalized racism. The case has been used in an introductory psychology course, in which it was used as the focus of the social psychology unit; in a social psychology course, where it was used to accompany the unit on prejudice; and in a course on prejudice.  In addition, it has been presented in a workshop format to faculty interested in reducing racism and improving multicultural programming.

Stereotype Threat and Recommendations for Overcoming It: A Teaching Case Study

This case study uses an example of racism experienced by a Korean American student to explore the concept of stereotype threat and its impact on college classrooms and student performance. The case was designed for use with college faculty in teach training workshop as well as with psychology students. The case also might be useful for education students.