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Catherine Croft
Chief Executive Officer

Catlilli Games
The Ebola Wars: Mission Immune Evasion 

Through a unique anthropomorphic view and the integration of game-based learning, this case study explores how the Ebola virus can evade the immune response. In working through the case, students are challenged to examine the first, second and third lines of defense of the immune response and the weapons that the Ebola virus employs to remain undetected by the immune system. Students apply their knowledge of Ebola virus evasion of the immune response using an online game specifically developed to accompany the case. Initially designed to be implemented in a general biology, microbiology, or anatomy and physiology course, this case has also been used with advanced high school students. All characters are fictional. Students should have a preliminary understanding of the lines of defense of the immune response prior to working on the case, as well as foundational knowledge on viral structure, function and life cycles.