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Johnny M. Turner
Physician Assistant Certified
Family Practice
Texas Physicians Group
No Longer Living the Sweet Life: Losing Control of Diabetes

In this interrupted case study, students will help “Dr. Gupta” investigate and assess complications arising in one of her long-term patients, “Jorge Alvarez.” Jorge was diagnosed with Type II diabetes mellitus ten years ago as documented in “Living the Sweet Life,” an optional prequel case study also in the NCCSTS collection. Jorge has been working with Dr. Gupta to manage his condition, but this year he has come under additional stress, both emotionally and financially, and his health has deteriorated. Jorge now presents with several new signs and symptoms, including numbness, tingling and burning sensations, and a foot sore that just won’t heal. Students will review the nervous system and assess Jorge’s symptoms, vitals, and blood tests to determine if his diabetes has worsened. Students will also learn about tests used to diagnose types of neuropathy and consider which of them would be most beneficial for Jorge. In addition to a non-majors anatomy and physiology course, this case study may be appropriate for an introductory biology, nutrition/dietetics, or a sensory and perception course.