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Carolyn L. Danna
Senior Lecturer
Department of Biology
Stevenson University
Stuck on Repeat: A Case Study on Brain Function

This interrupted case study is based on the real symptoms and laboratory results of a 65-year-old female stroke victim who is obese and on medication for hypertension but has no other significant health issues. The case begins with a description of the first symptoms she experiences while on the telephone with a friend. As the case develops, students are given additional information about the woman’s clinical history and the results of her diagnostic tests. Once a diagnosis is made, students use their knowledge of the cardiovascular system, along with additional information provided by the instructor, to decide if a particular treatment is appropriate. This case study incorporates elements of the anatomy and physiology of both the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Although the case was initially written for upper-level undergraduate human physiology students, it would also be suitable for any pre-health profession students or upper-level biology students with knowledge of these systems.