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Cheuk Hin Li

Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School
Inside the Opioid Crisis: Causes, Treatments and Policies

This case study follows the struggles of "James" as he copes with extreme pain resulting from an automobile accident.  Unable to manage his symptoms with over-the-counter drugs, James is prescribed oxycodone but fails to strictly follow the instructions of his physician. In a matter of weeks, he finds himself addicted to the narcotic and is eventually hospitalized for an overdose. By working through this case, students will come to understand how a person can become addicted to controlled substances and learn about current policies addressing the opioid crisis. The included questions are designed to prompt critical thinking regarding health care policies and lead to further research using online publications and news articles. The case concludes with an assignment for which student teams create presentations examining policies or actions that address the opioid crisis. The case was designed for high school students as an introduction to public health, but could also be used in college-level courses introducing drugs of abuse, such as a neuroscience or public health course.