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Charles R. Bomar
Biology Department
University of Wisconsin-Stout
But It's Just a Bottle of Water 

Bottled water, popular among students, is big business even though issues surrounding it related to health and safety as well as its environmental impact have stirred up controversy. Designed for an introductory non-majors environmental science course, this discussion/dilemma case explores the environmental effects associated with the production, consumption, and recycling of bottled water while touching on health and safety issues. Students also learn about government regulations regarding the extraction of ground water and labeling of bottled water; recycling laws  and how states circumvent the recycling process; and the economic and ecological costs of drinking bottled water.

The Rocky Mountain Locust: Extinction and the American Experience

This case explores conservation and social issues associated with the destruction of vast tracts of farmland in the Great Plains in the late 1800s caused by massive swarms of the Rocky Mountain Locust, Melanoplus spretus. The case was developed for a freshman non-majors environmental science course. Components of it could also be used in an ecology, general biology, public policy, history, or political science course.