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Sarah G. Stonefoot
Visiting Assistant Professor of Photography & New Media
Department of Art & Art History
Beloit College
A Need for Needles - Acupuncture: Does it Really Work?

In this case study, students evaluate information about the use of acupuncture and consider the possibilities of alternative therapies while at the same time questioning their effectiveness. To complete the case, students collect information from Internet sources and journal publications from both a "pro" and "con" point of view, with an emphasis on carefully evaluating the credibility of the information they collect. The case would be suitable for introductory level courses in biology and science.

Extrasensory Perception: Pseudoscience?: A Battle at the Edge of Science

The overall purpose of this case study is to teach students to be skeptical of scientific claims, particularly those that are sensational and fall outside the boundaries of normal scientific explanation. Students read the case and then evaluate information to determine whether they believe there is enough scientific evidence to confirm the existence of extrasensory perception. The case was developed for use in an introductory science or psychology course, but would also be appropriate for courses in human biology in which the nervous system is explored.

Salamander Superpowers: A Question of Regeneration

This case, developed for a course in human biology, provides students with a context for discussing stem cells and cloning by exploring regeneration in salamanders and the ethical as well as scientific and health-related issues of applying what scientists know about that natural process to humans. Students read the case and then answer questions about cell differentiation and regeneration as they explore the pros and cons of providing natural regeneration in humans versus stem cell transplants for wound and organ repair.