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Erik Zavrel
MS/PhD Candidate
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Cornell University
Sex and Vaccination 

This case study focuses on the controversy surrounding the decision by Texas Governor Rick Perry to mandate the compulsory vaccination of girls in the Texas public school system against the human papillomavirus (HPV) prior to entering the sixth grade. The interrupted case method is particularly appropriate for this subject, with successive sections providing a general overview of the disease, the reasons for and against such a mandatory vaccination program, and a disclosure of what ultimately transpired in Texas. Designed for an ethics or public policy course, the case could easily be adapted to emphasize biological and medical topics.

To Boldly Go, or Not: A Public Hearing Case Study

This fictional public forum case study is centered on the 2004 decision by President George W. Bush to set NASA’s primary goal as a return to the Moon, followed by a mission to Mars. The members on the expert panel and audience are fictitious but the views they express on the Vision for Space Exploration (VSE) are representative of those articulated by actual advocacy groups, scientists, engineers, space enthusiasts, and lay persons. The case is not simply about public policy, but touches upon the relative merits and deficiencies of manned space exploration and robotic space exploration, the consumer products and industries derived from the space program, the scientific rationale for a return to the Moon, as well as what worthwhile space missions may be terminated as a result of the VSE.