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Herbert House (rr)
Emeritus Professor
Biology Department
Elon University
Shark Attack! 

This case is based on the real-life incident of a boy whose arm was bitten off by a bull shark while swimming off the coast of Florida in the summer of 2001. After the boy’s arm was retrieved from the shark’s mouth, it was surgically reattached. The case was developed for use in the laboratory section of a freshman- or sophomore-level introductory human anatomy course that takes a regional approach.  Several similar clinical cases are used in conjunction with each anatomical region as it is dissected.  This particular case study is used during the dissection lab on the upper extremity of the human body.

The Hot Tub Mystery 

Roma and Clint Underhill are relaxing after a stressful day in their hot tub with some wine. But tragedy strikes, and the next morning their lifeless bodies are found in the water by their housekeeper. The paramedics who respond to her frantic 911 call pronounce the couple dead at the scene and call in the police to investigate. Developed for use in a lower-level undergraduate course on human physiology, students work through the various parts of this interrupted case to discover the cause of death, and in the process learn about blood pressure regulation.