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Luanna B. Prevost
Graduate Student
Department of Plant Biology
University of Georgia
Mildred Using Plants: The Medicinal Value of Plants

The format for this case is unusual.  The PowerPoint of the "case" provides an in-class framework for working through all of the activities associated with the case.  These activities are explained in the teaching notes.  The teaching notes also include the full set of handouts that comprise this case, including an In-Class Assignment sheet that features "Mildred," the title character of the case.  Teachers interested in using this case should first download and read the entire teaching notes, then look at the "case" PPT.  This case  introduces students to the medicinal value of plants and to scientific investigations carried out to understand the effects of various plant chemicals on human physiology.  Students first learn background information about medicinal plants and experimental design.  They then meet Mildred and play the role of Mildred's friend to help her sift through information about traditional herbal remedies in order to make a decision about her health.  The case was developed for an introductory biology course.