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Gary M. Fortier
Associate Professor of Animal Science
Department of Animal Biotechnology and Conservation
Delaware Valley College
Rabbit Calicivirus Disease - Magic Bullet or Pandora's Box?: A Case Study on Biological Controls

The characters in this dilemma case, representing the scientific community and government, must make a decision about whether or not to release a virulent pathogen into the environment in order to control the rapidly expanding population of European rabbits in New Zealand. As they work through the case, students grapple with the complex issues associated with introduced species and biological controls. The case was originally written for a wildlife management course taught to college juniors and seniors.

The Wolf, the Moose, and the Fir Tree: A Case Study of Trophic Interactions

In this analysis case, students study predator-prey dynamics in the Isle Royale National Park ecosystem drawing on data and findings from the article “Wolves, Moose, and Tree Rings on Isle Royale” by B.E. McLaren and R.O. Peterson published in 1994 in Science magazine. The case was developed for a sophomore ecology class.  It could also be used in environmental science courses.