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Dana S. Dunn
Psychology Department
Moravian College
A Social-Cognitive Exploration of Reactions to Leiby Kletzky's Abduction and Homicide 

An eight-year-old boy, abducted while walking home from day camp, is killed and dismembered, and his alleged murderer, a member of the boy's community, is arrested. Students read details about the case with the goal of exploring how people have responded to the abduction and homicide, and to understand how those responses fit into the explanatory lenses of social psychology and social cognition. Through a selection of quotations from comment sections on news websites, students explore such concepts as internal and external attributions, the hindsight bias, the representativeness and availability heuristics, victim blaming, the just world hypothesis, overgeneralization, and the illusion of invulnerability. The case was designed for use in social psychology courses but would also be appropriate for introductory psychology, forensics, or social cognition courses.