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The cases listed and linked to below are what remain to be converted for inclusion in our new case database.  Conversion includes creating PDFs for both case and notes, indexing, and uploading into the new case database.  Converting these cases is an ongoing process; once converted, case are deleted from this listing.

  Alien Evolution: The Return of the Cambrian Explosion
Shoshana Tobias, University at Buffalo
Teaching Notes for “Alien Evolution”
In this case, which combines problem-based learning and role-playing, students research the environmental conditions of the Cambrian period and the types of organisms that developed during that time as they speculate about possible cases for the “Cambrian Explosion."
  Dialogues as Case Studies : Endangered Species Act
Student papers by Andrew Abramowitz and Helena Bokobza
Students explore the issues surrounding the controversial Endangered Species Act in a series of “dialogue” papers over the issue of whether Atlantic Salmon in rivers in the State of Maine should be protected.
  Dialogues as Case Studies : Human Cloning
Student papers by Kabir Tambar, Rachel Juras, and John Tan
Students explore the issues of human cloning in a series of “dialogue papers” that present both sides of this controversial topic.
  The Day They Turned the Falls On: The Invention of the Universal Electrical Power System
Jack Foran
This case details the history of the use of a natural resource, Niagara Falls, to generate electricity.