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Morgan: A Case of Diabetes

Co Authors:

Lisa Marie Rubin
Formulary Management
VA Western New York Healthcare System;

Clyde Freeman Herreid
Department of Biological Sciences
University at Buffalo


This case teaches about the causes and effects of Type 2 diabetes by working through the various options available to a young Native American woman suffering from the disease. The case can be used in a variety of settings, including nutrition classrooms, herbal drug courses, physiology courses, medical schools, nursing schools, pharmacy schools, diabetes workshops, and even weight loss clinics.

  • Compare and contrast aspects of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
  • Know the relationship between obesity and Type 2 diabetes.
  • Define terms such as “thermogenesis,” “ketosis,” “triglycerides,” etc.
  • Outline the main theory behind the Atkin’s diet and its pros and cons.
  • Understand what ephedrine does to the body and its potential side effects.
  • Know what major healthcare organizations recommend for good health.
Keywords: Diabetes mellitus; Type 2; Type II; obesity; obese; Atkin's diet; resistin; ketosis; thermogenesis; ephedrine; Indian; Native American
Topical Area: Social issues
Educational Level: Undergraduate lower division, Undergraduate upper division, Professional (degree program), Clinical education, General public & informal education
Formats: PDF
Type/Method: Problem-Based Learning, Debate, Role-Play
Language: English
Subject Headings: Medicine (General)   Nursing   Nutrition   Pharmacy / Pharmacology   Physiology   Public Health  
Date Posted: 02/12/02
Date Modified: N/A
Copyright: Copyright held by the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Please see our usage guidelines, which outline our policy concerning permissible reproduction of this work.

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Alan's point of view is not to use the Atkins' diet. He has heard lots of debate over it and doesn’t believe in it. He believes his sister should exercise and stop eating junk food. He goes on to say Native Americans never used to eat junk like pizza, candy, and fatty foods. Eating meals that are nutritionally balanced, high in fiber, and low in refined sugars and saturated fats are best. He tells her to start running and not sit around the house.

Undergraduate Student
Bay Path College
Burlington, Ma.

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