2006 Workshop Roster

May 22–26, 2006

Please see the Case Study Teachers Directory for our latest contact information about participants who have chosen to be listed.

Muhammad Ali
Computer Science
Tuskegee University
Tuskegee, AL

Courses: Introductory C++; Computer Security; Computer Networks; Computer Architecture
Case Topics: Importance of requirement analysis in software engineering; Impact of network design quality on IT infrastructure of a company; Need for secure communication for an organization

Stephanie August
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, CA

Courses: Operating Systems; Introduction to Artificial Intelligence; Introduction to Database Management Systems; Knowledge-based Systems; Database Management Systems
Case Topics: Natural language understanding: How a computer reads the newspaper; Automated arguments: How a computer persuades a patient to change her diet; Integrating knowledge-based systems, dialog systems, user interfaces: Providing meal planning advice to seniors

Susan Bandoni Muench
SUNY Geneseo
Geneseo, NY

Courses: Biology of Vertebrates; Evolutionary Biology; Parasitology; Disease and the Developing World
Case Topics: Vertebrate evolution; Microbiology: HIV, TB, malaria; Parasitology: veterinary topic

William Bromer
Natural Science
University of St. Francis
Joliet, IL

Courses: Earth Science; Ecology; Principles of Biology II; Introduction to Life Science for Educators; Environment and Humanity
Case Topics: Evolutionary misconceptions; Earthquakes and predictions / Tornadoes and warnings; Mercury from coal-fired power plants contaminate fish

Glendora Carter
Jarvis Christian College
Tyler, TX

Courses: Organic Chemistry I & II; Physical Chemistry I & II; Biochemistry; Undergraduate Research in Chemistry
Case Topics: Global warming; Nutritional biochemistry; Instrumental chemistry

Elizabeth Connor
Daniel Library
The Citadel
Charleston, SC

Courses: First-Year Experience Course for Freshmen; Library instruction for science courses including Human Genetics, Genetics, and Introduction to Chemical Research
Case Topics: Forensic science; Chromosomal abnormalities; Egg donation

Paula Croonquist
Anoka-Ramsey Community College
Coon Rapids, MN

Courses: Anatomy and Physiology (I & II); Medical Terminology; Biology (non-majors); Biology I (majors)
Case Topics: Anatomy & Physiology topics (disorders & diseases); Bioethical topics (cloning, GMO’s, stem cells)

Malonne Davies
Departments of Physical Sciences / Chemistry
Emporia State University
Emporia, KS

Courses: Introduction to Chemistry (survey course with lab for non-majors); Chemistry I Laboratory (majors); Teaching Physical Sciences in Middle/High School (pre-service teachers); Our Physical World (elementary education students); Instrumental Analysis (upper division majors)
Case Topics: Development of radioimmunoassay—story of Rosalyn Yalow’s work; Chemistry of biomagnification (maybe based on Miramata, Japan); Wind farms—wind power as alternative energy source

Domenica Devine
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Savannah, GA

Courses: Principles of Biology I; Principles of Biology II
Case Topics: Metabolism—cellular respiration; Immunology—ways to explain protein synthesis; Cell structure / function

Loraine Dieckmann
Texas Wesleyan University
Fort Worth, TX

Courses: General Chemistry I & II; Biochemistry; Advanced Inorganic Chemistry; Senior Seminar; The Nature of Physical Science
Case Topics: The search for a better aspirin; Antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics; Development of an ideal drug

Lynn Diener
Natural Science
Edgewood College
Madison, WI

Courses: Introductory Biology sequence (Biology 151/152)
Case Topics: Cell signaling; Toxicology; Chemistry of water

Stephanie Dockstader
Monroe Communtiy College
Rochester, NY

Courses: General Biology I or II; Introduction for Environmental Science
Case Topics: Personal energy consumption and connection to the environment; Role of decomposers in environment; Nutrient cycling in ecosystems

Dara Dorsey
Earth Science and Science Education
Buffalo State College
Buffalo, NY

Courses: Field Experience in Secondary Science Education; Literacy for Teaching Science; Outdoor Science Education; Problem Solving in the Life Sciences
Case Topics: Outdoor education

Caroline Driscoll-Geary
Chemistry Department
University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc
Manitowoc, WI

Courses: Two-semester sequence for pre-nursing students; Non-majors chemistry
Case Topics: Blue people of Kentucky; Dinitrophenol (diet drug)

Dana Dudle
DePauw University
Greencastle, IN

Courses: Plant Biology; Conservation Biology
Case Topics: Primary succession after volcanoes / glacier melts; Restoration of disturbed habitat; Using natural areas without destroying the “nature” of the place

Marirose Ethington
Math / Science
Genesee Community College
Batavia, NY

Courses: Physiology I & II; Principles of Biology (non-majors); General Biology I (majors)
Case Topics: Genetically modified organisms; Pigments / photosynthesis; Respiration / fermentation

Rosemary Ford
Washington College
Chestertown, MD

Courses: Forensic Botany; Biotechnology and Molecular Biology; General Biology; Genetics
Case Topics: Botanical evidence for the Lindbergh trial

Ann Fritz
Department of Biological Sciences
Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL

Courses: General Zoology; Organic Evolution; Entomology; Behavioral Ecology
Case Topics: Determining homologous versus convergent evolutionary characters; Investigating evolution of a disease agent; Formulating the tenets of natural selection

Mario Garcia
Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi, TX

Courses: Software Engineering; Artificial Intelligence; Intro to Computer Science; Design and Implementation of Computer Instructional Systems; Expert Systems; Introduction to Problem Solving with Computers II; Data Structures; Systems Analysis and Design; Information Assurance and Computer Ethics; COBOL
Case Topics: Computer ethics; Authentication; File sharing

Kelley Grorud
Natural Science
Edgewood College
Madison, WI

Courses: Anatomy & Physiology; Biomechanics; Cell & Molecular Biology
Case Topics: Muscle anatomy or physiology; Cell signal transduction; Biomechanics

Karen High
Chemical Engineering
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK

Courses: Introduction to Engineering; Science Methods for Education Majors; Chemical Engineering Modeling; Environmental Engineering; Optimization
Case Topics: High school pre-engineering; Introduction to engineering; Graduate modeling and optimization

Heide Hlawaty
Audrey Cohen School for Human Services and Education
Metropolitan College of New York
New York, NY

Courses: Human Biology (Core Curriculum); Urban Health Issues (Human Services); Urban Health and Ecology (American Urban Studies); Earth Science (American Urban Studies)
Case Topics: Urban health issues: asthma or diabetes type II; Formation of Long Island (Ronkonkoma Moraine); Air quality in lower Manhattan

Susan Hornbuckle
Department of Natural Sciences
Clayton State University
Morrow, GA

Courses: Organic Chemistry I & II; Environmental Chemistry; Forensic Chemistry; Forensic Science; Biochemistry
Case Topics: Atmospheric pollution & chemical reactions; Global warming; Oil tanker spills: clean-up methods and environmental effects

M. Javed Khan
Aerospace Science Engineering Department
Tuskegee University
Tuskegee, AL

Courses: Intro to Aerospace Lab; Fluid Mechanics; Aircraft Stability & Control; Aerodynamics I; Aerodynamics Laboratory; Aircraft Design & Analysis I; Aeroelasticity
Case Topics: Effect of center of gravity on aircraft longitudinal static stability

Andrea Koziol
University of Dayton
Dayton, OH

Courses: Mineralogy; Earth Science (non-majors); Environmental Geology
Case Topics: Climate change in the northern continents: Hay River, NWT; Meteorites: the poor man’s sample return; Wright-Patterson AFB: A case of ground water contamination and remediation

Clinton Krager
Science & Technology
Finger Lakes Community College
Canandaigua, NY

Courses: General Biology I; General Biology II
Case Topics: Winter adaptation; Animal behavior; Community ecology

Rachael Lancor
Natural Science
Edgewood College
Madison, WI

Courses: Introductory Physics sequence (Physics 130/131)
Case Topics: Forces / Newton’s Laws / Torque; Optics; Electricity / Circuits

Laurie LeBlanc
Cuyamaca College
El Cajon, CA

Courses: Prep for General Chemistry; General Chemistry I & II; Special Studies in Chemistry
Case Topics: Heavy metal contamination of natural waterway

Maureen Leupold
Genesee Community College
Batavia, NY

Courses: Fundamentals of Cell Biology; Principles of Biology; Biology I & II (team teach); Environmental Science; Rainforest Biology (team teach)
Case Topics: Genetically modified organisms; Pigments / photosynthesis; Respiration / fermentation

Scott Mateer
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Savannah, GA

Courses: Principles of Biology I; Principles of Biology II
Case Topics: Metabolism; Immunology—protein structure / function; Cell structure / function

Robert Mazalewski
Ornamental Horticulture
Cuyamaca College
El Cajon, CA

Courses: Fundamentals of Horticulture; Diagnostics of Horticultural Problems; Special Studies in Ornamental Horticulture
Case Topics: Phytoremediation of heavy metals found in urban riparian areas analyzed by atomic absorbtion technology; Modeling of a bioremediation project to mitigate heavy metals found in an urban riparian setting; Analysis of plant problems utilizing case studies to instruct student the “diagnosis” process

Ravi Nandigam
Chemistry and Environmental Sciences
University of Texas at Brownsville
Brownsville, TX

Courses: Physical Geology; Remote Sensing; Geomorphology
Case Topics: Coastal processes; Igneous and tectonic processes and their impact on the environment; Rocks and minerals and their impact on the environment

Onesimus Otieno
Biological Sciences
Oakwood College
Huntsville, AL

Courses: Life Science; General Ecology; Environmental Science; Anatomy and Physiology
Case Topics: Human population dynamics; Environmental pollution

R. Deborah Overath
Physical and Life Sciences
Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi, TX

Courses: Botany; Intro Biology; Population Genetics
Case Topics: Connection between Mendelian & molecular genetics; Molecular / genetic basis of diabetes; Invasive plants

Patricia Pascoe
Natural Sciences (Biology)
University of St. Francis
Joliet, IL

Courses: Principles of Biology I; Human Anatomy (with cadaver lab); Human Physiology (with lab)
Case Topics: Growth hormone deficiency syndrome; Necrotizing enterocolitis; Pernicious anemia

Joy Perry
Biological Sciences
University of Wisconsin—Fox Valley
Menasha, WI

Courses: Human Environmental Biology; Biological Aspects of Conservation of Natural Resources.; Introductory Botany; Human Environmental Biology (taught as part of a learning community in combination with a course in public policy and a linking seminar)
Case Topics: Industrial vs. sustainable agriculture; Energy cost of food (costs to produce); Green design in home or campus building project

Godfrey Roberts
Paul McGhee Division
New York University
New York, NY

Courses: Biology of Hunger and Population; Global Ecology
Case Topics: Population / food relationships; Emerging diseases; Evolution / intelligent design

Muchere Russ
Natural Sciences
Huston-Tillotson University
Austin, TX

Courses: Science Seminar for all science majors; Research for chemistry majors; Physical Chemistry; Organic Chemistry
Case Topics: Forensics chemistry; Chemical / pharmaceutical manufacturing process; Product improvement design and development (using chemistry)

Sirajus Salekeen
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tuskegee University
Tuskegee, AL

Courses: Machine Design 1; Experimental Mechanics; Probability and Statistic for Engineers; Materials Engineering; Design for Manufacturing and Assembly; E.I.T (Engineering in Training)
Case Topics: Pros and cons of case study teaching in engineering; Implementation of case study teaching in engineering; Comparison between traditional teaching method and case study teaching methods

Francisco San Juan
Geological, Environmental and Marine Sciences
Elizabeth City State University
Elizabeth City State University, NC

Courses: Principles of Geological Science; Introduction to Earth Science; Marine and Coastal Resources; Introduction to Remote Sensing; Introduction to GIS
Case Topics: Aquaculture: pros & cons; Coastal development vs. preservation; Global warming & climate change

Kimberly Schatz-Dirlam
University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley
Menasha, WI

Courses: Applied Chemistry and Society (lab science course for non-majors); Survey of Biochemistry with lab (introductory course for primarily nursing majors)
Case Topics: Dinitrophenol; Hemoglobin (Blue people of Troublesome Creek); Thalidomide and isomerism

Kathy Schwab
Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Huston-Tillotson University
Austin, TX

Courses: Organisms and Evolution; Botany; Environmental Biology; Cellular and Molecular Biology; Genetics; Microbiology
Case Topics: Microbiology; Environmental biology; Genetics

Sohum Sohoni
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK

Courses: Microcomputer Principles and Applications.
Case Topics: Computer organization and architecture; Use of technology to help security; Embedded processors / microcontrollers (how many do we interact with every day)

David Spierer
Divsion of Sports Sciences
Long lsland University
Brooklyn, NY

Courses: Exercise Physiology I & II; Testing and Measurement; Pathophysiology of Health Professions
Case Topics: Exercise science; Cardiovascular physiology; The athletic heart

Tim Tatakis
Biology Department
Monroe Communtiy College
Rochester, NY

Courses: General Ecology; Introduction to Environmental Science; Practical Botany; Honors Seminar—Natural Sciences; General Biology
Case Topics: Habitat fragmentation; Fisheries management; Ecosystem types (biomes, different aquatic ecosystems)

Alberto Vivoni
Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences
Inter American University of Puerto Rico
San German, PR

Courses: Physical Chemistry I & II (with labs); Spectroscopic Analysis; General Chemistry lab
Case Topics: Thermodynamics; Equilibrium; Quantum mechanics

Jacqueline Washington
Biology and Chemistry
Nyack College
Nyack, NY

Courses: General Biology I & II; Human Biology; Biology Workshop
Case Topics: Nervous system; Stem cells; Nutrition

Sandra Williams
Community/Mental Health Nursing
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL
Courses: Foundations of Professional Nursing; Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing.
Case Topics: Health promotion; Stress induced illnesses; Biobehavioral health interventions

Gloria Young
Agriculture and Human Ecology
Virginia State University
Petersburg, VA

Courses: Nutrition: Contemporary Health Issues (with lab); Organizational Management in Hospitality; Human Nutrition; Quantity Foods; Community Nutrition (includes Global Nutrition, Food Insecurity: Global Perspectives)
Case Topics: Nutrition and cardio-vascular disease; Bioactive compounds in food; Nutrigenomics

Anne Zayaitz
Kutztown University
Kutztown, PA

Courses: Introduction to Biology (non-majors; with lab); Biology and Society; Applied Environmental Microbiology (majors; with lab); Food Microbiology (majors; with lab); Senior Seminar
Case Topics: Cancer—to be used in a non major course (Biology & Society); Food borne illness to be used in a majors course (Microbiology); Biofilms to be used in a majors course (Microbiology)