2007 Workshop Roster

May 21–25, 2007

Please see the Case Study Teachers Directory for our latest contact information about participants who have chosen to be listed.

Gabriele Aborn
Chattanooga State Technical Community College
Chattanooga, TN

Courses: Anatomy and Physiology I & II (lecture and lab)
Case Topics: Endocrine system; Blood analysis or anything cardiovascular related; DNA or DNA fingerprinting

Nancy Aguilar-Roca
Developmental and Cell Biology
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA

Courses: Cell Biology
Case Topics: Cytoskeletons; Mitochondrial diseases; Membrane potentials

Deborah Anderson
St. Norbert College
De Pere, WI

Courses: Organismal Biology; Human Anatomy and Histology; Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy; Human Biology (non-majors)
Case Topics: Biodiversity; Speciation; Population ecology

Kathleen Archer
Trinity College
Hartford, CT

Courses: Introductory Biology (majors)
Case Topics: Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone; Plant biology

Frank Bowman
Chemical Engineering
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND

Courses: Unit Operations in Chemical Engineering; Chemical Engineering Reactor Design; Advanced Separations; Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
Case Topics: Common fluid flow applications of the Bernoulli equation; Heat exchangers; Residence time distributions in chemical reactors

Lindy Brigham
Applied Biosciences
The University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

Courses: Regulatory Issues for Laboratory Managers
Case Topics: Hepatitis B drug development issues; Regulatory affairs in biotech; Issues in laboratory management

Sandra Caudle
Natural Sciences
Calhoun Community College
Decatur, AL

Courses: Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II
Case Topics: The mystery of discovered skeletal remains; Infant heart transplants: Why did we not think of this sooner? The Hatfield-McCoy feud: Did disease fuel the McCoy temper?

Jane Chapman
Heartland Community College
Normal, IL

Courses: Anatomy and Physiology I & II; Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology; Contemporary Biology; Intoduction to Microbiology
Case Topics: Cardiovascular; Electrolyte and water balance; Aging

Leslie Clifford
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
Mansfield, PA

Courses: General Biology; Ornithology; Human Anatomy and Physiology (lab)
Case Topics: Mating systems; Sexual selection; Avian digestive physiology/feeding adaptations

Marguerite Coomes
Howard University College of Medicine
Washington, DC

Courses: Molecules and Cells (medical freshman); Biochemistry (graduate)
Case Topics: Onset of labor; phenylketonuria; Cytochrome P-450

Carolyn Dodson
Chattanooga State Technical Community College
Chattanooga, TN

Courses: General Biology; Integrated Life Sciences for Elementary Educators
Case Topics: Biotechnology (DNA); Climate change; Hormone control

Carmen Eilertson
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA

Courses: Intro Biology (majors); Human Physiology (lecture and lab); Teaching Assistant Short Course; Pathophysiology; Human Anatomy
Case Topics: Human physiology; Cell biology; Global warming

Daria Estrada-Smith
University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC

Case Topics: Anatomy and physiology; Medical ethics; Food science and technology

Gail Goodman-Snitkoff
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Albany College of Pharmacy
Albany, NY

Courses: Immunology; Pharmacology; Complementary Medicine; Scientific Literature Evaluation; Coordinator for Peer-led Team Learning Workshops
Case Topics: Generation of antibody diversity; Defects in complement; MHC molecules and organ transplantation

Joan-Beth Gow
Anna Maria College
Paxton, MA

Courses: General Biology I & II; Microbiology
Case Topics: Ergot and the Salem Witch Trials; DNA fingerprinting; Evolution and microbial resistance to antibiotics

David Grise

Life Sciences
Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi, TX
Courses: Biology I & II
Case Topics: Math models in biology

Kate Hamel
San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA

Courses: Anatomical Kinesiology; Advanced Biomechanics I & II; Seminar in Kinesiology
Case Topics: Muscoloskeletal anatomy; Biomechanics; Exercise physiology

Ruby Jewel

Alabama A&M University
Normal, AL

Courses: Tests and Measurements; Evaluation of Teaching and Learning; Professional Seminar; Qualitative Research; Teaching Science in Secondary School; Teaching Mathematics in Secondary School
Case Topics: Retrovirus; AIDS; Diabetes

Craig Johnson
Brigham Young University—Idaho
Rexburg, ID

Courses: College Algebra; Math for the Real World; Introductory Statistics; Probability and Statistics; Advanced Statistical Methods
Case Topics: One sample, t-test/confidence interval; Two sample test; Durations and waiting times for Old Faithful

Rachna Kaushik
Biological Sciences
Columbia University
New York, NY
Courses: Frontiers of Science
Case Topics: Molecular biology & genetics; Evolutionary biology & animal behavior; General cases for science literacy

Sarah Kenick
University of New Hampshire
Manchester, NH

Courses:General Chemistry I & II; Organic Chemistry (with lab); General Biochemistry (with lab)
Case Topics: Green chemistry; Bioinformatics; Organic chemistry

Delores Knipp
US Air Force Academy
USAF Academy, CO

Courses: Introduction to Upper Atmospheric Physics and Space Weather; Introduction to Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers; Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism for Scientists and Engineers
Case Topics: Space weather storms; The unseen sun: Radiation beyond the visible; Space weather and GPS reliability

Patricia Kultgen
Morningside College
Sioux City, IA

Courses: Physiology; Genetics; Cell Biology
Case Topics: Hyponatremia; Infertility; Endocrine control of kidney function

Jeff Kushner
Integrated Science and Technology
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA

Courses: How Life Works; Medical Biotechnology; Energy in Living Systems; Nursing Pharmacology; The Multimedia Industry
Case Topics: Addiction, Stem cells, Nutritional neurobiology

Chris Lantz
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA

Courses: Medical Parasitology; Virology; Immunology (with lab)
Case Topics: Parasitology; Immunology; Microbiology

Elyse Lee
University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC

Courses: Frontiers in Biology (non-majors); Introduction to Biology; Molecular and Environmental Toxicology; Introduction to Genetics
Case Topics: Stem cells; Gene-environment interactions in cancer; Epigenetics

Rachel Meyer
Morningside College
Sioux City, IA

Courses: Human Anatomy; Human Physiology; Medical Terminology
Case Topics: Hyponatremia; Infertility; Endocrine control of kidney function

Lucinda Miller
Biology and Natural Science
Northern Virginia Community College
Annandale, VA
Courses: Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II; Health Science I & II
Case Topics: Urinary countercurrent mechanism; Microbial disease of the nervous system

Colin Montpetit
St. Norbert College
DePere, WI

Courses: Human Biology (nonmajors); General Biology I (majors); Systemic Physiology; Endocrinology
Case Topics: Endocrinology of adrenal gland; Cardiorespiratory physiology; Cardiovascular physiology

Alexis Nagengast
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Widener University
Chester, PA
Courses: Biochemistry Seminar; Biochemistry (Metabolism); General, Organic and Biological Chemistry for Nurses
Case Topics: The citric acid cycle; Glycolysis and gluconeogenesis; Amino acid metabolism

Susan Nava-Whitehead
Sciences and Education
Becker College
Worcester, MA

Courses: Current Issues in Biology; Integrated Physical Science
Case Topics: Ergot toxicity; Genetics & evolution; Environmental science

Jill Nugent
University of North Texas
Denton, TX

Courses: General Biology for Education Majors; Contemporary Biology (non-majors); Environmental Science; Plant Biology (non-majors); Science Education; Recitation for Principles of Biology (majors); New TA Orientation to Teaching Workshop
Case Topics: Solving wildlife crime; Environmental issues; Human health related case

Jeanine Pfeiffer
Environmental Studies/Science & Society
San Jose State University/UC Davis
Davis, CA

Courses: Introductory Environmental Studies; Nature & World Cultures; Concepts in Herbal Medicine; Women in Science & Engineering; Ethnoecology and Biocultural Diversity
Case Topics: Ethnobiology; Environmental biology; Environmental anthropology

Tyler Rose
College of Pharmacy
University of Southern Nevada
South Jordan, UT

Courses: General Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Biochemistry; Medicinal Chemistry
Case Topics: Diabetes drugs; Drug metabolism; Glycolysis/gluconeogenesis/TCA cycle

Lauren Sahl
Marine Sciences
Maine Maritime Academy
Castine, ME

Courses: Marine Geology; Introduction to Marine Sciences; Physical Oceanography; Sedimentology; Preparation for Research; Natural Disasters and Environmental Issues
Case Topics: LNG terminal; Global warming; Tidal generators

Linda Moon Stumpff
Tribal Governance and Environmental Studies
The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA

Courses: Tribal Natural and Cultural Resources; Tribal Forestry; Environmental Studies: Research Methodology; Environmental Studies: Population and Energy Issues; Tribal Policy and Planning
Case Topics: Ecological restoration; Indigenous knowledge and science and fisheries; Forestry

Brian Tande
Chemical Engineering
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND

Courses: Transport Phenomena; Chemical Engineering (lab); Separation Processes
Case Topics: Heat transfer; Fluid mechanics; Diffusion

Pamela Tranby
Riverland Community College
Austin, MN

Courses: General Microbiology; Human Nutrition; Biology of Women; Ethics/Bioethics; Introduction to Forensic Science; Current Topics in Biology; Human Biology
Case Topics: Emerging infectious diseases; Bioterrorism; Bioethics

Paul Wendel
Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Studies
Kent State University
Kent, OH

Courses: Operation Physics: Methods of Teaching Physical Science; Methods for Secondary Science Educators
Case Topics: Creationism; Friedman, Hubble, and the expanding universe; Ernst Mach’s positivism

Leanne Wier
Engineering and Science
Rose State College
Midwest City, OK

Courses: Human Physiology; Cell Biology; Introduction to Biology
Case Topics: Human physiology: Nervous system; Cell biology; Human physiology: Urinary system

Gary Wood
Math & Physics
North Central State College
Mansfield, OH

Courses: General Physics; College Physics I–III; Calculas Physics I–III
Case Topics: Newton’s Laws; Pascal’s Principle; Kirkoff’s Rules