2010 Workshop Roster

May 17–21, 2010

Please see the Case Study Teachers Directory for our latest contact information about participants who have chosen to be listed.

Brenda Bertrand
Nutrition and Dietetics
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC

Topics: Sport nutrition, clinical nutrition, vitamins and minerals
Courses: Advanced Vitamins and Minerals, Medical Nutrition Therapy 1 and 2

Jeffri Bohlscheid
School of Food Science
University of Idaho
Moscow, ID

Topics: Food chemistry/science,  Microbiology, Globalization, Food processing/GMOs
Courses: Food chemistry lecture and laboratory, Introduction to food science, General education science course in food science and safety, Globalization

Jason Brown
Med High Science
South Texas High School for Health Professions
Mercedes, TX

Topics: Electron transport chain (biology), Polarity of compounds (chemsitry/biology), General biology
Courses: AP Biology, Biology, Integrated Physics & Chemistry

Ji-Eun Choi
Trinity Washington University
Washington, DC

Topics: Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, Sickle cell anemia, Congenital heart disease
Courses: Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Pathophysiology, Critical Reading Seminar in Biology

Christopher Davis
Natural Sciences - Chemistry
St. Philip's College
San Antonio, TX

Topics: Chemical kinetics, Acid-base equilibrium, Electrochemistry
Courses: Introduction to Chemistry I, General Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II

Justin Donhauser
University at Buffalo - ERIE IGERT Program
Buffalo, NY

Topics: Pharmaceuticals in fluvial systems, Pollutant transport, Biomagnification of toxins
Courses: NSF endowed fellowship contractually prohibits me from teaching during this time

Shane Evans
Lurleen B. Wallace Community College
Andalusia, AL

Topics: Integumentary system, Celestial navigation, Deciphering the history of a chromosome
Courses: Anatomy and Physiology I, Introduction to Biology I, Principles of Biology I, Physical Science I

Valerie Frerichs
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY

Topics:  Medication interaction, Environmental contamination, Forensic identification
Courses: General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Fran Gelwick
Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX

Topics: Aquatic conservation, Coastal or inland fisheries management, Population dynamics
Courses: Principles of Fisheries Management (undergrad and grad, and distance grad), Animal Ecology (population dynamics; undergrad and grad, and distance grad)

Michael Habberfield
Department of Geography
University at Buffalo – ERIE IGERT Program
Buffalo, NY

Topics: Ecosystem restoration, Education through field work, Interdisciplinary research 
Courses: Ecosystem Restoration, GIS Applications

Susan Halsell
Department of Biology
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA

Topics: Meiotic non-disjunction, Parental age and decreased fertility/increase in syndromes such as Down's, Epigenetic based case study; Human genetic disorder with significant incidence of modifier gene action
Courses: Genetics & Development

Carol Harrell
Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw, GA

Topics: Teaching reading in the content area classroom, Dealing with difficult student teaching situations, Exploring reasons for presentation difficulties
Courses: Methods in Teaching English I & II 

Deb Howell
LIfe Science
Muskegon Community College
Muskegon, MI

Topics: Parasitic diseases, Bacterial diseases, Cellular respiration
Courses: Microbiology, Allied Health Microbiology 

Branko Jablanovic
Biological and Health Sciences
College of Lake County
Grayslake, IL

Topics: Breast cancer, Colon cancer, Diabetes mellitus
Courses: Anatomy & Physiology 

Linda Johansson
Department of Medicine
Karolinska Institutet
Stockholm, Sweden

Topics: The roles of the teacher, Patient safety, Educational leadership
Courses: Case-Based Learning (the basics), Case Writers' Club (case writing course at Karolinska Institutet) 

Martin Kapper
Biomolecular Sciences
Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, CT

Topics: Metabolism, Membrane transport, Protein synthesis and sorting
Courses: Cell Biology, Bioenergetics & Metabolic Regulation, Cells & the Human Body, Principles of Cell & Molecular Biology

Kerry Kilburn
Biological Sciences
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA

Topics: Dead zone in the Chesapeake Bay, Invasive species, Fad diets
Courses: Introduction to Conservation Biology, Introduction to Human Biology (both courses for non-majors) 

Cindy Klevickis
Integrated Science and Technology
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA

Topics: Geography of human genetics, infectious diseases and food, Genetic factors related to food allergies and food intolerances that affect particular world populations, Relationship between favism and malaria
Courses: Science Processes (history, philosophy and practice of science), Science of the Planets, The Matter of Matter (chemistry), How Things Work (physics), The Environment, The Geography of Human Genetics, Infectious Diease and Food

Gautham Krishnamoorthy
Chemical Engineering
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND

Topics: TBD
Courses: Advance Transport Phenomena, Numerical Methods

Paula Lessem
University of Richmond
Richmond, VA

Topics: Genetic engineering, Intersection between molecular biology and history, Antibotic resistance and bioinformatics
Courses: Emerging Infectious Diseases, Biology in Popular Culture (a 1st-year seminar exploring the role of genetics on fiction, movies, entertainment, law, agriculture and medicine), and Cell Biology laboratories

Adam Maiga
Florida International University
Miami, FL

Topics: Ethics, General business
Courses: MBA-level courses

Derek McLachlin
University of Western Ontario
London, ON, Canada

Topics: Energy metabolism, Enzyme regulation, DNA damage and repair
Courses:  Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry laboratory

Jeff Myers
Emergency Medicine / Simulation Center
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY

Topics: Medicine: clinical issues, Medicine: ethical issues, Engineering: mechanical / biomedical
Courses:  Interprofessional Simulation Course (for academic health sciences students), Conferences on variety of emergency medical services topics

Hitish Nathani
Natural Sciences - Chemistry
St. Philip's College
San Antonio, TX

Topics: Molarity, Acid base equilibria, Basic quantum mechanics / theory
Courses: Introductory Chemistry I & II, General Chemistry I & II

Chris Ngoh
Hwa Chong Institution
Singapore, Singapore

Topics: Proteins, Drugs/pharmaceuticals, Food chemistry
Courses: GCE A Level H2 Biology

Darby Oldenburg
Health Professions
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
La Crosse, WI

Topics: Nutrition, Sexually transmitted diseases, Antibiotic resistance
Courses: Analysis of Health Wellness and Disease (gen ed course taught exclusively using case studies)

Jacqueline Phua
Hwa Chong Institution
Singapore, Singapore

Topics: Proteins, Drugs/pharmaceuticals, Food chemistry
Courses: GCE A Level H2 Chemistry 

Lisa Pike
Francis Marion University

Topics: Mercury contamination in freshwater fish, Horseshoe crab fishery, Long leaf pine tree ecosystems, fire,and red cockaded woodpecker declines
Courses: Environmental biology (non-majors), Environmental science(majors) and Freshmen intro to biology (cell and molecular)

Giuliano Reis
Faculty of Education
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Topics: Ecology/environment, Anatomy & physiology, Microbiology, Molecular biology / genetics
Courses: Science & Technology (K-6), Biology (Grades 11-12) 

Veronica Riffle
Upper School Science
International School of Prague
Prague, Czech Republic

Topics: Materials sciences (metals, plastics, polymers, glass), Forensics, Food chemistry
Courses: Chemistry 10,  IB Chemistry SL/HL YR 1,  IB Chemistry SL/HL YR 2, Applied Sciences Course for Grades 10/11 [Elective]

Shannon Seneca
Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering
University at Buffalo - IGERT ERIE Program
Buffalo, NY

Topics:  Ecorestoration planning, Education through field work (i.e., creation of vernal pools), Interdisciplinary research
Courses: Special Topics: Radioactive Waste Remediation 

Jen Simonds
Westminster College
Salt Lake City, UT

Topics: Psychology research methods & statistics, Child development, Introductory psychology, Tests & measurements
Courses: Child Development, Quantitative Research Methods, Senior Seminar in Psychology, Tests & Measurements, (Problem-Based) Introductory Psychology

Joanne Smieja
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Gonzaga University
Spokane, WA

Topics: Nuclear power, Remediation of a lake or river contaminated with mine wastes, Mining practices
Courses: Inorganic Chemistry and Lab, Environmental Chemistry and Lab

Maria Villamil
Crop Sciences
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, IL

Topics: Agriculture, Ecology, Environment
Courses: Principles of Agroecology, Forage Crops and Pasture Ecology

Bob Wills
Chemical Engineering
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND

  Separations, Thermodynamics
Courses: Thermodynamics, Unit Operations, Lab IV, Separations

Jeff Wilson
Chemisty and Enviromental Dept.
University of Texas-Brownsville/TSC
Brownsville, TX

Topics: The built environment and health, GIS and health, “Second Life” and undergraduate study
Courses:  Principles of Earth Science & Lab, Conservation of Natural Resources, Geographic Information Systems

Kirsten Work
Stetson University
DeLand, FL

Topics: Water scarcity and conservation, Central nervous system, Immune system failure
Courses: Introductory Biology II, Biological Basis of Behavior, Water Wars First Year Seminar, Conservation Biology

Natalie Zayas
Science & Environmental Policy
California State University, Monterey Bay
Seaside, CA

Topics: Wetlands / water quality at a local wetland (Elkhorn Slough in California), Marine bebris, The scientific process
Courses: The Nature of Science (a non-science majors, general education course)