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Discovering Long-Term Care Pharmacy Practice

A PBL Case for Pharmacy Students


Jeffrey C. Reist
College of Pharmacy
University of Iowa
Christine M. Catney
College of Pharmacy
University of Iowa


This three-part progressive disclosure case is designed to introduce pharmacy students to the pharmacist’s role in long-term care (LTC) facility consulting pharmacy practice and acquaint them with the essential, basic resources for conducting a drug regimen review.


  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of a pharmacist who provides services to long-term care facility residents.
  • Identify state and federal laws and regulations that pertain specifically to LTC facility drug regimen review and pharmacy consulting.
  • Understand the significance of Beers’criteria to long-term care facility regulations and pharmaceutical care for the geriatric patient.
  • List medication classes that are specifically mentioned in federal long-term care facility regulations.
  • Learn the criteria for proper use of medication classes subject to federal nursing facility guidelines.
  • Identify medications used in connection with certain disease states that fall under the Beers’ criteria.


Long-term care; senior pharmacy care; drug regimen review; pharmacy consulting; Beers’ criteria; long-term care facility regulations; Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; HIPPA; pharmacy careers options

Topical Areas

Legal issues, Regulatory issues

Educational Level

Graduate, Professional (degree program)



Type / Methods

Problem-Based Learning



Subject Headings

Pharmacy / Pharmacology  |  

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