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A Word to the Wise

Advising Freshmen


Jessica Dudek
University Honors College
University at Buffalo
Nigel Marriner
Office of the Registrar
University at Buffalo
Clyde Freeman Herreid
Department of Biological Sciences
University at Buffalo


Freshmen frequently struggle with major decisions both inside and outside of school. Even if they have required advisement sessions, they do not always know what questions to ask and what information to share with an advisor. This is true even for many science students who think they have certain career goals and a clearly delineated set of requirements. This case was designed to sharpen freshmen honors students’ understanding of the advisement process. It could also be used early in the semester in a general science course as an icebreaker, especially in courses where case studies will be used.


  • Understand the advisement process.
  • Help prepare for an advisement session.


Freshman advisement; advising; general education

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Undergraduate lower division



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Science (General)  |   Science Education  |   Teacher Education  |  

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