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Breathing Easy About New Air Pollution Standards


Kathryn L. Rowberg
Department of Chemistry and Physics
Purdue University - Calumet


A town meeting is the backdrop for a role-playing case about ground-level ozone air pollution. The case consists of a flier and scripts drawn from public comment records on the government mandate to reduce ground-level ozone by limiting nitrogen oxide emissions. Students play the parts of stakeholders and develop recommendations for reducing emissions.


  • To grapple with an issue related to air pollution.
  • To learn how policy and regulatory decisions are made, including the role that public hearings and public comment play.


Air pollution; nitrogen oxide emission; volatile organic compound; ozone; Clean Air Act; National Ambient Air Quality Standards; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; EPA; Indiana; environmental decision-making

Topical Areas

Legal issues, Policy issues, Regulatory issues

Educational Level

Undergraduate lower division



Type / Methods

Dilemma/Decision, Public Hearing, Role-Play



Subject Headings

Environmental Science  |  

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