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ONE OF OUR MAJOR AREAS of focus is training science faculty in the case method of teaching. We do this through a number of activities, including an annual summer workshop and fall conference. These are attended by undergraduate, graduate, and high school teachers from all areas of science and technology, including anthropology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, earth science, engineering, mathematics, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physics, psychology, science education, and more.

  • Summer Workshop

    Our five-day summer workshop teaches science faculty how to teach with as well as how to write case studies. The first three days provide an overview of the case study method followed by a series of demonstrations in which workshop faculty model a variety of case teaching methods, including the discussion method, interrupted case method, intimate debate, and team learning. The last two days, workshop participants teach a case study they have researched and written during the week to undergraduate students we hire to act as constructive critics.

  • Fall Conference

    Our two-day fall conference covers much of the same material as our summer workshop but in a more condensed format and without the practice teaching sessions. In addition, it includes a second track for more advanced case method teachers, with sessions aimed at helping them to further develop and refine their case teaching skills. In recent years, we have added a third track specifically designed for high school science teachers. The conference also features plenary talks and a poster session.

  • Videos

    Our training videos are intended for those of you who cannot attend our summer workshop or fall conference or who simply want to share what you have learned at one of these events with colleagues back home. The videos show real students in real classrooms using cases – in a discussion-based class in one video, and in the context of team learning in the other.

  • Books

    We are pleased to be able to offer for sale the printed edition of Start With a Story: The Case Method of Teaching College Science, a comprehensive resource and tool for learning how to implement the case teaching method in your own STEM classroom.